Myungsuk Son  손명숙





8/2008: B.S. Chemical Engineering. POSTECH

2/2020: Ph. D, Chemical Engineering. POSTECH 

Research Interests

Process synthesis and analysis 


1. Jeehoon Han*, Myungsuk SonDongseong Kang, Process design and environmental analysis for catalytic production of gamma-valerolactone from Kenaf, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. 120, 254-260 (2023), IF = 6.760, Top 16.55%

2. Jinsu Kim, MyungSuk Son, JunKyu Park, Jeeeun Kim, “Optimized rotary hearth furnace utilization with blast furnace and electric arc furnace: Techno-economics, CO2 reduction”, Fuel Processing Technology, 237, 1 December 107450 (2022), IF = 8.129

3. MyungSuk Son and Junhyung Ryu, “Recent Research Trends of Supercapacitors for Energy Storage Systems”, Clean Technol., 27(4), 277-290 (2021)

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5. YoungHwang Kim, MyungSuk Son, In-Beum Lee, "Numerical Study of a Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell during Heat-up and Start-up Operation", Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 50, 1360-1368 (2011).