Process systems engineering studies can aid in the area of sustainability in chemical engineering:

  • Evaluation of environmental (“green”) aspects of new strategies (LCA, life-cycle assessment)
  • Identification of cost drivers and technological bottlenecks (TEA, techno-economic assessment)

and can be thus coupled with experimental catalysis studies.

Research Goal: Development of computer-aided tools and models to synthesize and evaluate new systems/products

Research Topic 1

Sustainable process design of CO2/biomass-to-fuels/Chemicals

Systems-level analysis (technoeconomic assessment (TEA), lifecycle assessment (LCA)) of renewable energy (H2)

Research Topic 2

Optimization of the full value chain of CCUS, carbon capture utilization and storage, and H2 (Process technology selection, Supply chain optimization)

Research Topic 3

Feasibility study for carbon-neutral production of Offgas-to-H2(OtH) and Offgas-to-Chemicals(OtC)

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESGinvesting and analysis

Research Topic 4

Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in the field of Chemical Engineering (Foodwaste derived carbon footprint and energy recovery)

Research Topic 5

Research Topic 6

Supercapacitor/Battery Modelling & Simulation

to balance safety, performance, size, cost and reliability 

with the coupling of electrode, cell, module, pack and system

Recycling Process Design and Environmental & Economic Feasibility Analysis
to economic feasibility study